Benjamin Barnhart

FF/EMT Barnhart is assigned as the Driver/Operator of Engine 201 on D Shift. Benjamin joined MTFR on August 16th, 2021.

Behind the Badge Spotlight:

Hello, I’m Benjamin Barnhart. I joined Manheim Township Fire Rescue in August of 2021.
Outside of work I love to go hunting and fishing. I also enjoy working out to stay in shape for my job.
What inspired me to work in fire rescue? In high school I lived down the street from a fire station and loved watching the trucks go to calls. I started volunteering with them and fell in love with firefighting, and decided to make a career out of it.
What I like best about working in Manheim Township is the diversity. We can go to anything from a vehicle accident on the highway to a fire alarm in a business, to a medical call in a mansion, to a fire in an apartment, to a plane crash in a farm field.
Having all of that potential means that I am always busy at work with training and learning new things in between fire calls. Also, each call is like a different problem to solve which keeps the job exciting and engaging.