Fire Inspections

In 2021, Manheim Township adopted Ordinance 2021-01 entitled Fire Safety and Emergency Equipment Inspections of Commercial Structures, Buildings and or Businesses. The ordinance requires regular fire inspections of all commercial structures in Manheim Township. Examples include, but are not limited to industrial facilities, commercial facilities, retail businesses, banks, lodging and treatment facilities, and other facilities used for retail, wholesale, educational and day-care purposes and places of worship. The ordinance does not apply to private homes.

The purpose of the ordinance is to ensure that built-in fire and emergency systems are properly working for timely notification and early fire suppression mitigation to safeguard occupants and property. The inspection focuses on four primary areas of protection including fire detection, and suppression systems, means of egress, electrical safety and other general fire safety criteria.

Manheim Township Fire Rescue conducts the fire inspections. Facilities subject to inspection will initially receive an inspection packet that includes supporting materials to enable a facility owner/operator or property manager to prepare for an inspection. Scheduling instructions are provided in the letter and further outlined below.

Please be aware that an inspection fee is assessed based upon the total square footage of your building. The fee includes the initial inspection and one re-inspection (if necessary to verify corrections were made). If more than one re-inspection is necessary, a separate fee is assessed for each subsequent reinspection. Fee is NOT due at the time of the inspection. An invoice will be sent at a later date.

Below is an outline of the inspection steps supported by copies of important documents for your reference located at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: After receiving the inspection letter and packet, review the materials to understand the process and expectations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to submit them via email to

Step 2: Complete the Facility Profile & Inspection Questionnaire.

Step 3: SAVE AS the Facility Profile & Inspection Questionnaire document onto your desktop and email it as well as copies of the facility floor plans to

If you are unable to send the Facility Profile & Inspection Questionnaire and floor plans electronically, please mail the information to:

Manheim Township Fire Rescue
Attn: Fire Marshal
1840 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

Step 4:Your information will be automatically sent to MTFR and you will be contacted to coordinate an initial inspection date and time.

Step 5: In advance of the inspection, ensure that the supporting documents (noted on the Records Checklist – see PDF below), are available for the day of the inspection.