Manheim Township Fire Rescue Promotes First-Ever Career Fire Lieutenants

On Monday, January 9th, Manheim Township Fire Rescue announced the promotion of their first-ever group of career Fire Lieutenants at the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners public meeting at the Municipal Building (1840 Municipal Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601).

The four Fire Lieutenants will be assigned to Engine 201, Southern Manheim Township Station:

  • Lieutenant 201 Justin Gernert assigned to A Shift
  • Lieutenant 202 Richard Flinn assigned to B Shift
  • Lieutenant 203 Daniel Braden assigned to C Shift
  • Lieutenant 204 Matthew Barnes assigned to D Shift

Over the past ten years, then Fire Chief Rick Kane, developed a visionary staffing plan for Manheim Township to transition from an all-volunteer force to a combination system that would best serve the community with guaranteed fire rescue response 24/7 for years to come.

As that staffing plan became reality, the need for company level supervision was required to manage fireground and day-to-day operations among the four in-service fire stations.

With the support and approval from the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners, Fire Chief Scott Little, was able to conduct an internal civil service promotional exam for staff to elevate to the rank of Fire Lieutenant.

The competitive civil service process requires staff to meet an advanced level of fire service professional certification and education. Manheim Township believes in building a foundation of fire service leaders who are well-rounded and bring an appropriate mix of education, training, and experience.

“Over the past 20 years, we have seen the fire service take on a more professional role when speaking to certification, credentialing, and higher education standards,” stated Fire Chief Scott Little.

As a Company Officer, these four Fire Lieutenants will have the day-to-day responsibility of leading, guiding, and directing fire rescue personnel.

“Their work is just beginning as fire service leaders, stated Manheim Township Fire Rescue Chief, Scott Little. “They will be empowered to lead, mentor, and coach our talented workforce and help us develop the future leaders of MTFR.”

Chief Little continues, “This is a historical moment for Manheim Township and I’m proud of the work everyone has done to see this day come to fruition.”

Photo: Left to right, Deputy Fire Chief Adrian Borry, Lieutenant Daniel Braden, Lieutenant Justin Gernert, Captain Chris Wertz, Lieutenant Richard Flinn, Captain Dan Bezek, Captain Justin Rhoads, Captain Geoffrey Miller, Lieutenant Matthew Barnes, Captain Dan Wagaman and Fire Chief Scott Little.