Scott Smith

FF/EMT Smith serves as an active member of the Duty Crew Program where he is assigned Engine 203.

Behind the Badge Spotlight:

Hello, I’m Scott Smith. I joined MTFR when Southern Manheim Township Fire Company merged into the MTFR system. I have been with Southern Manheim Township Fire Company since 1991.
In my free time, I like to watch trains, and I’m into model railroading as well.
What inspired me to work in fire rescue? My dad used to run with SMT back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and I wanted to be like my dad. Also, over a dozen of my friends had joined and I wanted to be a part of something to help my community, and people looked up to the fire company.
What I like best about working in Manheim Township is that there is always something different to do. I have a feeling of purpose, like I’m making a difference. I can be counted on. I can be filling the garden tanks up on Oregon Pike, assisting the fleet mechanic (Lamar Sauder) when he needs an extra set of hands, responding to emergency calls, and training with the members.