Squad 204 & 209

Squad 204 is a 2011 Ford F550 Pierce squad truck. It is housed at the MTFR Eden fire station. Squad 204 carries a Hurst Rescue Tool System, portable generators, air bags and other equipment that is not carried on the larger fire engines. Squad 204 is also a state certified QRS unit used to respond to medical emergencies in place of the larger fire engines.

Squad 209 is a 2012 Peterbilt Pierce Heavy Duty Rescue Squad equipped with a 30kw generator. It is housed at the MTFR Neffsville fire station. Squad 209 was designed to carry man-power, air cascade system, salvage equipment, de-watering equipment, and lighting. Squad 209’s air cascade system is used to refill firefighter air packs at fires and its generator with lights can light up a football field.